Saturday, January 15, 2011

Get Busy and Get Going. No More Wishy Washy Wishes!

You have decided on your destination, arrived at the airport, boarded the plane, and taken your seat. You are now ready for the most important step of all: the takeoff, the launch, where you step out in faith with no guarantete of success. this is the turning point in your life and in the life of every successful person.

The plane taxies to the runway, gets clearance for takeoff from the tower, and starts down the runway. This is the critical moment, the takeoff that is the true beginning of your journey toward your destination.

Once the plane has clearance, the pilot gives the plane 100 percent full throttle. The plane begins moving, slowly at first, and then picks up speed, going faster andfaster down the runway until it lifts off into the air. This is the moment that pilots call "wheels up." It is the official beginning of the flight.

Here is the key question: What if the pilot, instead of going full throttle, decided to use only 80 or 90 percent throttle? Any pilot will give you the answer. If the plane went at any less than full throttle, it would never reach takeoff speed. The plane would keep going until it ran out of runway without ever rising into the air.

This illustrates a key difference between success and mediocrity in life. Successful people take off at full throttle when they embark on a new flight toward a new destination. They work full blast at their jobs. They throw their whole hearts into whatever they are doing, especially at the beginning of any new endeavor.

Perhaps nothing is more important in achieving the success you desire than for you to be prepared to work very, very hard for a long time until you achieve your goal.

Average people, on the other hand, never fly at full throttle. They look for ways to take it easy, to do as little as possible. As a result, they never achieve liftoff. They never get into the air. They never really succeed at anything.

Instead of getting angry or depressed, get busy and get going. Make things happen.


An excerpt from Chapter 5 of "Flight Plan, The Real Secret of Success."

I've also been listening to an audio version of Napoleon Hill's "The Law of Success", with my Summit Group Team. Flight Plan refers to Napoleon Hills work quite a bit, and it's funny how much other stuff I'm coming into contact with mentions Napoleon Hill. It's nice to have a point of reference, and even better that having listened and taken notes on The Law of Success, I'm understanding and ABSORBING more of what I'm reading.

There's no room for failure. My dreams cannot remain Will-o-th'-Wisps dancing across the highway in the highbeams in the dark. I've put lots of energy into the positive thinking, and into thinking with Love. These things help make life better, and I'm happy to have smile wrinkles rather than frowny ones.

But It's time for action. I'm enjoying making it work, and it's nice to have a solid support system to fall back on with my team mates.

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