Monday, January 17, 2011

It was Very Very cold today.

Everyday I look for the magic. Sometimes it comes easy, swooping in like a sky full of black birds, flipping air and feathers into my face. Sometimes not so easily, when I'm frowning and grinding teeth infront of the industrial dishwasher, trying to see beyond the mist it's caused on my lenses.

Today was light.

This morning, I walked to work in the freezing cold. My nose ran, but I didn't freeze.
I wrote 10 double sided pages of the continuing saga of The Romance Novel.
I was excited with it, it came so fast and easily.
I was almost late for my part time waitressing gig at the restaurant I work at, but the waitress in the restaurant I was writing in reminded me it was time to go. I appreciate that they know me by name, know my regular orders, let me sit in the window and write for an hour or two, and especially when they remind me to go to my own job.
The morning was pretty magical.

This afternoon, some ladies asked about our very very single cook, and it made him smile. That was magic. His happiness made me happy. I like him a lot.
It wasn't a very busy shift, but I made some decent tips.
I got to joke openly with some of the regular fellows. We all got to laugh out loud, being the only ones in the restaurant.
Another regular came in at the end of the day, so SO excited for his newfound health and a new business he's starting. It was really nice to see him so alive and energized. There was a spontaneous hug before he left, and that was pretty magical.
The shift went by so quickly. That was nice, too.

This evening my beloved made dinner.
Ground beef mixed with refried beans. Some melted brick cheese on that. A dollop of sour cream on that. All of it on top of FRITOS. yes, the corn chip. The stuff of internet recipe insanity. I'm surprised there wasn't bacon on it. Fritos for dinner has GOT to be some kind of magic. (The pixies thought so!)

Soon, I'm tucking myself into bed. Warm bedding is magical, too.

Sometimes I'm intensly plotting my course. I'm "workin' it." All business and focused on the goals.

Sometimes I'm just in love with every moment. The slippy slidey sidewalk and my breath freezing on my face. The swoosh swoosh of my windbreaker pants. The taste of tea. The smell of cologne. Money to pay the PUC. Homefries. Real belly shaking laughter. Strangers responding to my smile. The public library. Sweeping the floor.

Today was that day. Every moment was magic.

I'll have to bottle this for the future.

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