Friday, October 1, 2010

Bead Store, Coffee Shop, Purple Sock, Witches Walk, OH MY!

The Coldwater Coffee Shop - OMG So cute

On Thursday, my adorable friend Norma (who doubles as my Mom-In-Law) and I went to COLDWATER (Ontario.) We had been talking about hitting the bead store there for a while, and finally set a date (which is what it TAKES in my world to firm up plans - it MUST be put into the date book to make it happen!)

After nosing around The Art and Gift Studio , my tummy decided it needed FOOD. We went into the Coldwater Coffee Shop. A cozy place with BIG personality. Prices were REALLY good, she topped up our coffee in exchange for a smile (and being able to catch up on all our gossip, I'm sure! haha!) and the food was REALLY good. Norma had a scone, I had a breakfast wrap.

Then, off to the bead store!

Holly & Co. Beads have been open about a year. I was thrilled and whelmed with the INSANE selection they had to offer. Norma and I spent AT LEAST an hour in there - but I wasn't watching the time. Too busy picking through pretties. I mean, just LOOK:

Every wall filled with beads, plus beads on tables, beads on risers, beads in displays, beads in the backroom - plus all the things that you need to string them. She does classes, too! They don't have a website yet, and as I write their FACEBOOK page is still under construction, but don't let that deter you from going! They are open Monday, Wed, Thurs, Fri from 10 am to 5, Saturday from 10am to 4, and Sunday from 12 to 4. There are even drop in beginner classes on Mon, Wed and Fri, AND you can book birthday parties for kids (although I wouldn't mind doing a class or two, to learn how to use different jewellery making tools and products. I currently only work with hemp, which is completely different from metals.)

We peeked into the fabled Purple Sock , where all things knitty (and crochety and wooly) goes on. Norma knew exactly what she was looking at, but I'm not much of a connoisseur of knit (although I do like to crochet, I can't read a pattern to save my life. I'm going to have to learn to read patterns though, as my Stitch n Bitch buddy Heather gave me a pile of Cabbage Patch Kid clothing patterns... I digress.)

The Purple Sock had lots of TEA selections, too (which surprised and delighted me) I bought some "Lucid Dreaming Tea"... and I'm very excited to see where THAT takes me. *cackle*

In and out of other little and big shops (I want a house that looks and smells like the "Back In Thyme" shop - holy, I could drink tea and write poetry in there all day long. Unfortunately they don't allow pictures being taken of their shop, so I can't post pics!) and made it home just in time for me to pick up the kids from school.

$30 in beads. A few bucks in munchies. Loads of free flowing conversation. It was an awesome day. Last but not least, here's a reason to go back! Coldwater WITCHES WALK! click the pic to make it bigger and read the details. Wanna go???

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