Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Soul and The Last Harvest?

Last Harvest? It just might be, depending on what the weather does. It's been so unpredictable, but really, I think that's typical for October, isn't it?? I've pulled a total of 8 Small sugar pumpkins out of the yard. If I paid $2 each in the super market, that's $16 worth of cooking pumpkins. (they might actually sell for more, since they are sort of a specialty item, or if they were sold by the pound. Heavy little suckers.)

There's another 10 pounds of tomatoes there - at my estimate of $1.29 a pound, that's $12.29, for a total of $38.09 in tomatoes.

Look at these Zucchini! The tiny ones are what go in the supermarket for about $1.00 a pound. These 4 are another $4.00, for a total of $8.00 in Zucchini.

Look at the cute little green cherry tomatoes that refused to turn out in the garden. I included them with the 10 pounds...

I even hauled the rest of my baby carrots out of the garden! Another $1.00 worth, for a grand total of $2.00 in carrots! haha.

So, including my hauls so far (see: More Haul ) That's a grand total of $69.59 in veggies. HOWEVER...


I've saved the pumpkin seeds and dried them out, as well as the tomato seeds. These plant seeds originally came from a certified, heirloom farm in Ontario. I'm making seed packets for them, and we're going to sell those too! The saving of them is messy business (fermenting tomato seeds are FUN! bleck.) but, I'm going to add that to the total of our gardens yield. I think we're going to break even!

On another note, guess what I found today while in Bay Street Books on a whim?? TWO copies of 'Seat of the Soul'.. oh yes, I bought them both. One is getting gifted to my M.I.L. (just act surprised when you get it, Norma. hehe.) and one to replace my old-falling-apart copy. Unless I decide to gift it out, too. Yes, it's THAT good of a book, if you're READY for it. It changed me. (I also bought a Sylvia Brown book for a new friend, who has too many questions about guides, and me with not enough answers. hehehe.)

Happy Thursday!!

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