Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Spiral Dances.

It snowed today. And I felt ok with it. Because things are coming together. Just in time for our pagan year to end (Oct 31) and a new year begin!!!

Summer Market ended on Thanksgiving weekend (That was Oct 11th) and the weeks approaching that weekend, and the last 10 days, I've felt LOST. Aimless. Listless, almost.

Crafts and things to list on my ebay and etsy went untouched and piled on my work table. So much so, that my sweet mom-in-law remarked "I thought you had a sewing machine on this table." It was still there. Just buried. Next to a serger. Also, buried.

I have been spending much time reading just about anything I could get my hands on (which my brain enjoyed) plus working away at the online course.

Today I was offered and I committed to a spot at a permanent indoor market. I've also been doing a few more etsy sales, and I know I'm already dreadfully behind on catching winter sales, in terms of things to create. I have some things from summer market I can list, but I want to make some more seasonal mini's, dolls and jewellery, too. I'm finally motivated to get to it.

I also have a show for Watkins on Nov 17th Open House at the NSSRC in Midland. (There will be other ladies there with other home business companies, having sales. ) which is good, because I haven't been very aggressive with Watkins lately.

There are other secret things on our agenda, that require some large spellwork and big concentration!

It's nice to feel motivated again. Painting! Dolls! Mini's! Sewing! Sculpting!
Now, where do I begin??

Life is Good

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