Monday, May 13, 2013

Somebody went to Comicon...and all I got was...


Dr. Who Tardis Tea Pot

I wanted to go. But I'm a mom. and Mom's just can't jump ship for a weekend to go to Comicon. Not yet, anyway. Some adventures will just have to wait until they are all launched.

And when they are, I'm going to paint a trailer on wheels to look just like this teapot, and I'm getting myself a companion every season or two. ADVENTURE!

Anyway. I got a very very cool teapot. If it's bigger on the inside, I will FOR SURE never ever finish all the tea I brew. (A habit which has become a running theme with me, I guess...)

Also. Yesterday was Mothers day. I took the kids out to the Cheapest Pizza Place in town. It was really nice having all 3 of them there. Then, the waitress gave the girls a rose and some chocolate to give to me. WOW!! It was so sweet. Best family restaurant ever.

The Teenager-Man gave me 2 boxes of chocolate. But waited till his little sisters were in bed to give it to me. Because he was convinced they would beg me for treats. Heh.

The day begins.

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