Sunday, May 26, 2013

Losing Steam.

So, today was the third date of the theatre show I'm in.
First night went very well. Audience howled at everything.
Second night was great - different type of audience, but every audience differs. They were quiet in the first act, but laughed in the second act, as they had listened to all the set up in the first.

Today was a Sunday matinee. And I reeeally really don't want to talk about it. I think we all managed to cover our butts, barely. I really screwed up right at the beginning. And although I tried to shake it, ... just gah. I'm disappointed in myself for missing any of my parts. Because I'm better than that.

We don't go on again  until Thursday. I will be reviewing my lines. Intensely.

I also had to give up my very flashy bow at the end. I come out at the beginning of the play in a bustier... and end the play in a skirt and blazer. I was coming out with the blazer wrapped around me and then FLASHING the audience the bustier underneath. It got GREAT response. However, today after act 1, I was told I wasn't to do that anymore. It took the juice right out of me. So, everone else got to do their fun little act before their bow. I get to just walk out. Ah well. At least everyone else got their response.

Anyway. I'm sure I have far more interesting things to talk about, with the behind the scenes of the theatre... I just can't find them today.

I hope THE THING that is supposed to come from this makes itself OBVIOUS soon.


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