Tuesday, January 1, 2013

21 Distinctions of Wealth.

A shimmering, golden fortune is mine.

Wealth flows into me like a fertile river, nuturing me, enrichig me, and helping me produce all that I desire.

Inside me is sheer opulence. I am filled with riches, teeming with possibilities. My tremendous wealth is flowing forth, nourishing my life and nourishing everyone around me.

I have always had all the wealth that I need. I savour the riches that are my birthright.


I'm not sure if the book was given to me, or if I bought it from the thrift store in a pile of other books. It's called 21 Distinctions of Wealth: Attract the Abundance You Deserve . (that's an Amazon link)  My youngest brought it out of her room - I guess it was in the closet since we all switched rooms. It was one of those things that was put in my hands at the exact right time.

I'm 3 days into the program. Which lasts a little over a year. Also, perfect timing.

It takes about 3 weeks to establish a habit. So, for 3 weeks, 3 times a day, after reading the small chapter in the book, you repeat, feel, embrace some sentences that will open you up to abundance.

This from the book blurb:
..... books on wealth creation have overlooked the powerful forces available inside each of us that we can harness and direct in order to manifest all that we desire and deserve. ... guidance on how to alter our behaviours and emotions to actually change the nature of our relationship with the powerful stream of abundance that we can tap into at anytime. 

Now - I am generally very good at this already. I have done it, with more than just money. (And my intention is to find the money we need to live our modest life, but in ways that are authentic to my souls work. ) But, with where my mind has been the last 3+ months, I feel like I need an abundance 'refill.' A refresher course.

So, the next three weeks I will spend with the above phrases in my head. It's written on a paper next to my computer, and above my bed, and will be on a card in my purse, so I can refer to it during the day. Let's see what happens this year. :)

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