Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh, and also, I have a coldsore.

Life is Sweet. And there are books in me.

I am going to audition for a part in a play tomorrow. Why? I'm not sure. The Universe knows things I don't yet, I guess.

My reflexology exam is coming up. I hope I've got enough of it in my brain to pass. Dear Goddess.

I am ready for 2 full weeks off, with pay, and with my kids visiting elsewhere, so I can get my house cleaned from top to bottom. It's either that, or I clone myself a few times, so they can help me out with all 3 floors. And a few other things, too. Yes. Clones.

I've been marketing myself on the interwebs. Goddess, this has to work.

I've been antsy to get seedlings started. It is far too early though, I know.

I feel like I need to start selling some of the dolls and things around here. How do I do that?? It requires a block of time, and concentration. And awakedness. Lately I have been very very sleepy.

I have been bringing stuff home from the thrift store. These are almost always marked with "someday" and "I'm going to do that." I will, I will.

It's 6:53pm. I did half the dishes. Fed the children. Couldn't find the cat pee smell. (jerks.) Wanted a bath, but I'm positive I'll fall asleep in the tub. This is a dumb way to die.

Life is Sweet. I'm glad I'm breathing. Tomorrow, all the things. (I imagine it will take me hours of cleaning and mopping to locate the smell. So, maybe not all the things. Jerks.)


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