Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Distinction #2 - And what happened the first 21 days.

My First 21 days of the "21 Distinctions of Wealth" has gone well. I feel a state of peace surrounding the coming and going of money in my wallet and hands, where there used to be stress and agitation. There always seems to be cash in my wallet.  I also manifested 3 job offers/opportunities (I wasn't out looking for them - these were either suggestions to me or actually being asked if I wanted a position.) I also had more business requests (for the readings I do AND the Reflexology.) and it's been picking up momentum each week. 

This is my second "21 day" Distinction. it revolves around the phrase "The willingness to give it all up leads to having it all."

My wealth takes many forms. I tend a beautiful, lush garden that bursts into bloom in the sunshine. I have faith that I am growing richer every day in many ways. 

Abundance and prosperity are always available to me. I have complete confidence in my ability to foster and create wealth. I am always wealthy. 

Riches flow into my life. I allow them to come to me from all directions, to wash over me, and to fill me up. I am saturated with wealth.

I allow abundance to pour into my life,and I open myself to the Universe's bounty. Wealth comes to me at the exact time I need it. I have as much money as I need, and more.


I'll be repeating this 3 times a day - with feeling! The first Distinction produced some really great results for me, Spiritually/Emotionally and physically.  This is a Hay House published book. If you want to follow along with me on this, or try it for yourself in your own timing, you can find this book here:

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