Saturday, December 15, 2012

Most Peculiar, Mama.

I could be showering right now, before work. But I'm not. Because, I really don't have the time. Or desire to get cold and wet. So, there will be extra lotion applied before I go to work. Yeah, take THAT work. You're getting me sleepy-smelly.

The dreams haven't been revealing any great answers. Although they've been entertaining. This morning I set the alarm for 6:45. It goes off to radio, which usually wakes me. This morning I floated around in dreamy radio space until 9am. Whoops. I had that moment where I thought "I will just sleep, I don't need to go to work. I'm NOT going." This was completely reasonable in my head, warm in bed.

This thought is becoming more and more prevalent. I have really lost the desire to ... proceed. To do anything that I DON'T want to do. Maybe I AM embracing my inner spoiled child.

It feels gloriously dangerous.

If I start referring to the girls as Thelma and Louise, try not to be surprised by anything that happens after that.


Each moment is honest within itself. Each  moment I live is exactly what it is supposed to be. What a strange strange energy.


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