Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh Summer, I adore you.

Good Morning! It's a WONDERFUL day!

My pixies have been taken over night by my mother. The slept over last night, will stay all day today, and will be back tomorrow. It feels like a Saturday in my world.

Not to say I don't miss them, but I am getting SO much done! Yesterday I listed a pile of new stuff on Vintage Witch, summer jewellery that I hadn't had a chance to get to for the few weeks of summer we've had. Sea shell necklaces, that can be worn as is, or dismantled and put into your OWN crafty projects! Favourites for on the beach. Remember these?

AND, my teenager and I finally finished taking down the entire crunched shed. (One of those metal ones. It was 10 x 10', and crushed by the weight of the snow. This winter we assumed that the other had taken care of shovelling the roof off. )

Today, I've got a list of things I want to get to. The basement needs attention (it becomes a dumping ground for crafting things and piles of laundry.) There's laundry that demands to be hung (if I can get it on and off the line before it rains.) I also have a new doll that needs details, some scrabble tile pendants that need done, half a knit-loom hat to finish, a crocheted bag that needs a liner, some chunky hemp necklaces... on and on!

It's a completely different vibe with just the Big Tall Boy and I at home.

Yay for feeling energetic and getting things done!!!!

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