Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hawt Like Dat.

Today FEELS like it's been a big day.

I had my first coaching call with a Law of Attraction coach. It was HEAVY, and I really didn't think it would be. We are working on deconstruction my "money" habits and the vibrations I currently have towards money. With a few simple sentences she brought out a TONNE of stuff that left me purging with tears. BIZARRE. Here I was expecting Love and Light and Touchy Feely Good Times...

I felt silly crying, but also understood that those tears were removing blockages. She walked me through a very nice meditation, and I came off the call (it ran about an hour and twenty minutes.) feeling lighter - and with some things to think about and write about.

I also have to do some meditations and visualizations ... I feel like I'm playing catch up, because I DO this stuff normally on my own. I'm grateful for the connection.

Then I went to my doctors new office. It's smaller, but I think he's got extra rooms he didn't have before. It was hard to tell, because it was all twisty turny in there. Anyway, I went in to show him a spot on my arm and on my face. I'm a little sensitive to skin 'stuff' after having cancer removed from my face back in...was it 2007? Anyway, out comes the liquid nitrogen and ssssss ssssss on my face and arm.

Didn't see that coming. I figured I'd be shipped off to the skin guy to have some removed and tested. But my Doc said they didn't look or behave like cancer. He actually said "When it doubt, zap it." I laughed. I like him. He laughs so much easier as we both get older. (He's been my Doc since I was 11. ) Now my arm and face have a red sore spot after the burny burny icy burn.

Good Times.

Then, a girlfriend looked at my bashed car. (She knows stuff about cars. She's Hawt Like Dat.) and assured me that it wasn't an emergency that needed to be fixed right away. I felt better for it.

Now, I"m sitting here with a bottle of water, after stuffing my face with raisins. Just approved an ad that will run on top of the Pizza Pizza boxes shortly in my town.

I need a nap. But I have a tarot reading in about an hour, so I'll have to drink tea instead. (I've had nothing caffienated yet today. That, and the emotional purge earlier, are adding to the "oooh, I need to nap." thing.


Oh, by the way. I've begun writing again. I hope it turns out to be a story! ha!

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