Monday, July 8, 2013

The Garden. It's trying so hard.

Wild Rasperries in the Garden!
I'm so excited! Had to get a pic first before I picked 'em.

Row on the left is zucchini (summer squash.) Row on the right is Beans

Bean Flowering.

Only ONE of the squash from this box made it.

Beans didn't make it at all in this box. A few tomatoes. And weeds. Yup. More garden statues in this pic than plants.

Swiss Chard gone Mutant.

More wild rasperries on the other side of the garden.

Side garden, with smallish tomatoes, and cardboard. My intention was to cover it with soil. Which I never ordered.

Snow peas.

Few more squash having a hard time of it, in the side garden.

Morning Glories.. getting ready.

Hostas are happy. Morning Glories catching up.

Lilies with... what I'm hoping is not bindweed.

Crazy flowering vine... gotta check the interwebs to see if it's something horrible. Flowers prettily though.

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