Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gazing Sphere! Fast Manifestation - What a Gift!

Today was AMAZING.

I had a reading out in a beautiful area, on a magical piece of property on Peek a Boo trail, in Toanche.  WHELMING. The energy was BIG.

I read for 4 ladies - every reading I wanted to go over in time! The last lady was the owner of the house. This house was completely made out in native decoration, a fantastically decorated home. I read in 'the library' - a room that had shelves from floor to ceiling, on all 4 walls. Filled with books that could have been on my own shelves (and some of them are!). Herbalism, Shamanism, Healing, Magic. I didn't see the stacks of tarot and divination cards until she and I had finished our readings. I remarked that I had a deck (Quester) that she had, but I hadn't touched it yet. I think after today, I'm ready to.

Anyway, at the beginning of her reading, before we even started, she said She had something she's been hanging onto for years. She knew it wasn't for her, but she had to have it to caretake for whoever it was for. And do I like round... you know...(and then she made the shape of the ball with her hands.) 

"Crystal Balls?" I said

"Yes! I have one for you. If you want it."

Sitting with my little bowl of penny wishes

 Absolutely, I said. I was looking online last night at some, and said to the Universe I'm so excited for MINE to come to me!

I'm surprised and pleased that it came to be so QUICKLY.

What's even better - I KNOW it was meant for me. The base is represented by pagan/wiccan Maiden/Mother/Crone. Not a native imagery. I made a girlish noise when I realized what was on the base.

Check this out:




Each of the vine leaves are perfect.
She also giften me with a painted stone with the native wheel she painted on it.
It sits with the other stones and crystals I have, on my makeshift altar. There's NO room on my altar for the gazing ball. It's currently filled with the God of Summer, and a mermaid! Oh, and the clock that represents timelessness! See the copper coil? It's for the orgonite I'll be making - apparently pretty soon!!
Today I feel blessed. I think I was given a wonderful gift with todays readings.

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Herdbound said...

wow what a gift ! Lucky girl. Good time to get those readings. I'm happy for you, sensing what getting this piece means to you. Cool :)