Tuesday, September 14, 2010



I've been thinking a lot about it the past few days. That, and trying to live in the NOW while making plans for the FUTURE. Which also requires balance.

The last week, I've been putting myself to sleep with intentions of searching for astral answers. Or guidance. Or hints at the path. All week my sleep had been wibbly wobbly (timey wimey!) up and down and talking in dreams with A LOT of different people.

This morning, I woke feeling rested and calm. Like, everything is as it should be. The path we walk is working itself out.

Earlier this week, I talked to myself. I was brought there by one of my old guides (Who is looking more and more like Christopher Atkins circa "The Pirate Movie" for some reason. But taller.) I was a little over 50. My hair had gone salt and pepper, and my skin seemed darker (as well as aged.) It was the strangest thing to hold my own hand and walk in a garden that she/I said would one day be mine/ours. The 50 year old me basically was telling me to relax, it will come, and to plan for it. Get the ducks in order.

I've also been watching a rather condensed amount of Doctor Who lately. It's opened my head up to all sorts of new ideas (or maybe to reviewed ideas in a new light.)

I'm all half thoughts today. I'm thinking about my sweetheart today. I'm observing my children today. I should really brush my teeth today.

Have a good one.

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