Friday, September 3, 2010

All the Trees are Brown, and the Sky is Gray

All the tourists are gone. Well, most of 'em I suppose. I live in an area that relies an awful lot on our big tourist dollars, but it can be exhausting! It's like having company come.. and stay... and stay... and stay... all summer long.

So, the first few weeks in September, life gets slower and we all let out a little sigh.

I'm not quite sure what it will mean for my market booth. Not sure if I should bring less, or bring different items. I guess I'll find out! I'm assuming I'll see a lot more locals and familiar faces, which is nice.

Today, I got the bulk of my summer messes picked up. Tidied the basement (barbie land and mom's craft storage.) and the livingroom (which had become a crafting explosion, and not much living was happening in there at all.) which makes me feel a whole lot less panicked. Although the tourists have gone home, it's now time to cater to the local market and my online customers full time until Christmas.

After that, it gets REALLY quiet and we get snowed in. I spend that time in my livingroom listening to records and crafting, stockpiling for spring and summer markets and shows... To have the circle come 'round again.

A very simple circle of life in these parts.

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