Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Studio Envy.

I DO try to clean all the spaces my creativty falls.. But it leaks out all over the place. The livingroom hasn't been lived in, in months. I keep TRYING to bring my crafty stuff all down to the basement, but it keeps migrating back up the stairs into the livingroom. I would so much like my livingroom back. However, I don't work on stuff when it's in the basement, and with Markets every weekend, I HAVE to be working on stuff.

Although I stocked well over spring, I'm only able to create about 1/2 of what I'm selling off my table every weekend. It makes me feel the pinch to always be making something. I take projects everywhere. My beautiful In-Laws gifted me with a travelling crafting case this winter, because I was always taking things in plastic bags to work on.

However, I'm having Studio Envy. Facebook has exposed me to other artists spaces, and although I'd LOVE to get more organized, I really feel like I don't have the TIME to make it pretty, because I'm very busy WORKING. Sigh.

I put some magic in place back in May, that won't come to fruition till July or possibly August. With it will come the time to clean and reorganize. This magic includes a studio space for the mess.

There's a pile of stuff in my basement that has been begging to be donated for a month, and more on it's heels, and I just haven't had the two days it will require to make it all right.

I hope my family (who I love and adore with all my being) can bear with my mess a little longer.

And on that note... 32 (or so) Cabbage Patch Kids are coming to live here tomorrow. (For fixing, re-dressing, re-naming, and re-adoption!)

Come on Universe. We're all being patient, being good, and loving each other in our little cocoon.

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Miss Amanda O said...

You are not the only one with a pile of stuff in the basement that is waiting to be donated! I don't even want to walk down to mine. Make a goal for yourself, to get a creative studio, and start working towards it! Spend a day just figuring out how to do it and make a trip to the second hand store (for all of your treasures downstairs). Good luck and know that you aren't alone! :)