Monday, April 6, 2015

Seedling Time!

It's seedling time at Little Scotia! 13 days ago I put tomatoes, peppers, and beets in to start. (I've never started beets indoors before, but it was suggested to me that I do, so we'll see.)

This is the first year I've used these Coco seed started pellets to start my seedlings. It's also making me a little nervous. The idea is that they hold water longer, so you are supposed to be able to water less. I'm watching them closely. 
a little container with some herbs.

coconut expanding seedling growing pellets.
The beets are in the square containers with coco filling seedling starter. The square (is it peat? I can't recall, they are from last year.) have started to develop mold. Ugh. so today I'll be spraying that with a peroxide mixture, and covering the whole thing with soil. I'm wondering if they have to go out earlier.

In OTHER news, Here's a BUNCH of free information to help your garden this year! Information for beginners and old pros! :) Enjoy! I'm watching a video or two a day, while doing other things around the house (or during the time I would normally be brainlessly playing facebook games.)

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