Thursday, February 26, 2015

Russian Dolls Have The Best Advice

I've been making a tonne of these ladies over the last week. They take an enormous amount of time for stuffed dolls, but I just ADORE the end results. And they SPEAK to me. In the times of quiet when I get to embroider little faces and aprons, I get the best ideas.

I have about 4 more cut up and in various stages of completion. However, it's slow going. My sewing machine is at the 'end' of the kitchen. And I have to completely dig out the machine and desk, spreading the crafting joy all over the dinner table. I also open up the ironing board to sit in front of the buffet and hutch that houses all the practical and impractical dishes. (I have a bit of a Pretty Tea Cup problem. And a vintage set of dishes, complete with tea pot, creamer, sugar, dishes... that I do not let children touch without supervision.)

Creating in Chaos. It's a thing.

Anyway, it feels like it's time to tidy up to make dinner. (if that's what you can call piling all-the-things back onto and around my sewing machine.)

Still, I adore the process of seeing them come together. These little beauties for the most part will be available for sale at the Tiny Art Shack in Tiny, Ontario, in May 2015. Unless I manage to get it together enough to attend a craft show myself sometime soon.

Little Scotia Lives!


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