Saturday, March 8, 2014

Oh Gawds, Is It SPRING Yet?

The weather was warm today. Okay, so the weather people say it only got to -3C, but it FELT like at LEAST +5.

Windows were opened, and the sun was BLAZING! It was wonderful. And, it made me feel like cleaning house.

This morning I listed a few new items on the Little Scotia Store on etsy, and a few items on my other page at etsy, Vintage Witch. It makes me happy. Plus, I've got SO MUCH stuff here! I just got all my toys back home, from the closing of Handmakers Haven. There IS another store opening soon that has offered me a space for my handmade goodies, however, and I'm in the decision process of what goes on etsy, and what will go to the new store!

Ahh, decisions, decisions.

A beautiful resin pin from the 70's - Each leaf and petal is in wonderful condition!

Hepplewhite side table Miniature - on Little Scotia today

There are Farmers Markets starting, in Midland and Penetanguishene, and soon Elmvale and Victoria Harbour too. All sorts of spring shows too.

Ah, I miss my studio space. The basement is just NOT the same. And the livingroom is just a DISASTER of creativity.


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