Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bah Humbug.

Holy. I have been missing from here for a while!!!! Where have I been???
Well, I was busy working on this:
Completed my Reflexology course, and have been working at a Wellness Centre in town.

And, I've been busy making these:
I have a little kiosk in a local space downtown. Been making stuff to sell for extra cash!

And I've been busy touching a bunch of stuff like this:
Working part time at a thrift store.

And been busy reading cards, using my Super Powers for Good and Healing:
Reading cards and channelling in my Reflexology office.

Also, been shovelling shit tonnes of THIS:
Snow. We got at least 50cm over  Wednesday, Thurs, Fri this week. It hasn't stopped yet. It's now Sunday.

And finding the time to read some good stuff, like this:
A bunch of great books came into the thrift store recently. I have stacks beside my bed and in my livingroom that are dying for me to OPEN them.

So, as you can see, life is pretty much the same as usual! I go in cycles, right? It's ALMOST layoff time at the thrift store, which means more time for me to do healing work, more time to read, and craft... And shovel.

However, I think right now what I'd really like is a hot bath. Today I battled with Bah Humbugs. I woke with a cold sore. And then happily I was talked out of using my credit card to buy stuff for the kids for Christmas. All year long I do so well with being on the soap box about de-materializing this time of year. And then THIS week comes up, and I think "Oh Gawd, I got 3 things for my littles, spent under $50 each... will they be disappoineted???"

The kicker is the littles don't "do" Santa anymore. They are 11 and 12.  So, there's no need to keep that charade up. My plan for the week off is to drag out their old toys and PLAY with them. To watch movies, and give their feeties Reflexology. To Bake. To pay attention to them, to look at them, to connect and talk.

I can DO this.
You can't get me, commercialism!

And, I am thankful for people who love me, who talk me out of my own doubt...



Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. said...

It is SUCH a relief that the kids know I'm santa now, because they know momma's got a limited budget, I can be less careful about sneaking stuff in the house.. As long as they don't know what I got, it doesn't matter if they know I got it.

But yeah, I'm definitely doing the "is it enough" dAnce, especially since I ordered stuff online that likely won't be here before Xmas,

Tess Cyreks said...

I still have the Santa issue. Sadly.

Also... I haven't been blogging either, so its not just you.