Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'll Be Your Salty Dog?

So, I haven't had a proper bed in many many many years. I sleep on a mattress, on a boxspring, on the floor. I am not, nor have I ever, been a college student. I am 38. I'm feeling like it's time to have a bed.

Ideally, I need a sturdy bed, with storage. One that I don't have to use a squeaky boxspring for. You may fill in the blanks at will.

Sturdy. Not Squeaky. 38.

Also, having a teeny tiny room, that I'm pretty sure I'll be in for another few years, I require more storage. For off season clothing. And books. Lots of books live in my room.

I wish I were more handy. And had time. I would plunk this sucker together myself. I am not handy. Nor do I have the time, or the days and days it would probably take me to do this. I have no tools. I know nothing about wood and woodstuffs. 38.

I have added 'Handyman' to the list of caretakers that I require.

It could easily be a 'Handywoman.' Handy is Handy.



P.S. If anyone who loves me and has a pile of hours to fill up, instructions for this bed are here:

Storage Bed

However, I like a queen sized bed. Just sayin'.  38.

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