Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Midlande Farmers' and Artisans Market, Midland. NEW LOCATION!

I've been SEWING!

Just got the news about the exciting new location of the Midland Farmers' and Artisans Market!

The market will be in the empty lot next to West Marine at the corner of Hwy 12 and King Street.  The parking lot that I believe, belongs to Barber and Haskill. The same entrance that you would use to get into the Highland Inn. SO EXCITED!

Although I'm primarily going to be doing readings at the markets, I will ofcourse be bringing some of my hemp jewellery, and these groovy new stuffed guys I've been working on. I have some plans to make some fantastic banners, and some quilted pillow cases with some SASS. (Always with the Sass.)

For the most part, I'll be keeping the Jewellery Boxes out at The Swap Shop on Balm  Beach Road in Midland, but little things will come to market with me.

I STILL haven't checked the state of my tent, though.... Should probably get on that soon.


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