Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Last Show.

Last weekend was the last big show of the year for me. It was quiet, but I did alright. It was a two day show in the Penetanguishene mall, and I was thankful to NOT have to break it down at the end of Saturday. (I could stand and talk all day long... I love that part. I hate the breaking down bit, though.)

It felt nice to know that I can take a few weeks "off " now, as I've got enough stock to take online over the winter months, and focus on making my studio space workable and beautiful! Up till now, it's been a bit of a dumping ground.

These are the wands I made up for this last show. They were a hit! The ones that are left will most likely end up online.

Luckily at this show, they provided us with a bigger than average table. And luckily, I had extra material to cover it! I also got to connect with Ms. Bee of Recycled;Revamped;Reused . She made me a pair of gloves from upcycled sweaters, that fit my long thumb perfectly! She's also now a member of the Midland Craft Mafia , so all in all it was a productive show.

Sales from the website to the U.S. and elsewhere are pretty much done, if it's intended for Christmas. This will be the last week to ship out for Christmas to Canadian addresses.

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