Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Party Don't Spock till I Vulcan...

This made me howl today. I watched it twice...
It's a non stop Star Trek Party. dig.

In other "news"... I'm at Karma Marketplace in Penetanguishene doing tarot readings this Saturday from 10am till 1, with a pile of other very cool vendors! Pretty exciting stuff always happening somewhere in our pretty area :)


This is the first Rememberance Day that I didn't go up to the Cenotaph in years and years. The weather was beautiful, and I was parked at the Rye writing. I stopped everything while the radio played In Flanders Fields, and then a moment of silence.

It's been a quiet day, and I think it was needed. Reflection was the theme of the day. Wondering about the Universe Message today. There is learning in everything.

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Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. said...

K, I'm not even remotely a trekkie and still found that hilarious. Nothing like a well made fan vid.

I didn't make the cenotaph today either, but still managed to remember to step out into the hall for a moment of silence