Monday, February 16, 2009

Ass-Over-Tea Kettle

It feels like fifty million years since I've been here, and the entire world has been turned ass-over-tea kettle.

The monologues are done, and with great success. I loved it, and was approached a few different times by directors for the local theatre, and so I am happy. The art is hung at The Rye with care, and I am satisfied.

February has already been a success.. healing and love and comfort and joy. No "blaa's" this year, thank you! I'm having an enormous amout of fun.

Alas, it's back to work ... which really, I have no complains about. It's an artists life for me!

A tarot reading tomorrow at a girlfriends house (and I will most likely be gifted with soup or material or some such treasure for my gift of a reading to her...) and I have some daycare lined up to begin in a few weeks.. life is good.

I'm excited to set up my gazebo/tent when it's finally time... I can't wait to sleep under the stars, in my yard. (There's nothing like being naked in the yard...)

But, till then, it's time to sew more diapers.... go see what's new at the etsy store!